Workstram updates

Talent Development stream update.
In the area of the Talent Development since the last meeting, we tried to cooperate closer with the ABSL HR Club. On their last meeting in early March, ABSL IT Club has been represented by Lukasz Warachim from Gapgemini. We hoped that searching for common themes and potential synergy will open up new perspectives.

Unfortunately ABSL HR Club seems to be very absorbed in establishing internal cooperation between the ABSL HR club members so we need to wait still a bit for next steps in establishing cooperation between ABSL HR and IT Clubs.

Independently of the cooperation topic mentioned above we would like to propose to include following topic on our site for information exchange: How to maximize tax deductible expenses in IT, which turned out to be very interesting and resulted in indication of how to resolve this issue.

Knowledge Sharing stream update.
ABSL IT Club has been invited to co-create the annual ABSL report by creating IT chapter, consisting of three short (3 500-4000 characters) topic articles:
- Darek Lis will coordinate the preparation of the article on the Agile Project Design Methodology. Waterfall
- Michał Grabarz coordinates the preparation of the article on RPA / Artificial Intelligence
- Rafał Rogoza will coordinate the preparation of an article on Business Analytics (predictive / cognitive).

- Set the theme, set the organizational issues - by the end of February 2017
- Writing the content and delivering articles in English - until 07.04.2017
- Translation and graphics - until 10.04.2017
- Final correction until 28.04.2017
- Deadline for comments until 17.05.2017
- Printing: 22-26.05.2017